Community Context

Why do any of this?

When: 1) City government can no longer afford to go it alone; and 2) the entire community can benefit from greater coordination and collaboration.

IndyVitals is intended to facilitate collective impact at the neighborhood level by defining neighborhoods and identifying indicators so that everyone, from a resident to a policymaker, can look at the same geography and identify the greatest strengths and needs for that geography. The common geography approach of IndyVitals provides clarity by telling a single story that cannot be seen when independent but related program, organization, or service delivery boundaries are different.

IndyVitals will help coordinate the limited community development and related neighborhood investments so that they are more efficiently delivered, are informed by a common data platform, and have more impact because they can be targeted at the people and places that are most relevant to and in need of them.

What is the overall goal?

Places. Prosperity. People. Advance a number of efforts to make Indianapolis a healthier, more inclusive, more resilient, more competitive city. To do so requires focusing on what makes life in Indianapolis authentic so as to strengthen neighborhoods, strengthen communities, and strengthen families.